Intelligence Tricorder

Tricorder for Intelligence Work


This unit possesses all the capabilities of an ordinary tricorder (Star Trek: TNG RPG main rulebook page 235).

It also contains several specialized features useful for intelligence work:

  • Intelligence tricorders can identify and track individuals using their unique biochemical signature. These sensors operate at a range up to 25 meters. Individuals can be tracked as long as their trail is no more than several hours old.
  • Intelligence tricorders also employ specialized software to help agents bypass most common computer authorization codes. The unit gives provides a -10 Test Result bonus to all attempts to “hacking” into an unauthorized computer. This same software also gives a -10 Test Result bonus for all attempts to control or deactivate electronic locks and other security systems.

This tricorder has a small detachable sensor unit similar to the ones found on medical and engineering tricorders. The detachable sensor unit functions normally as long as it is within 10 meters of the main unit.

  • This sensor can detect alterations-in a subject’s biochemistry produced by drugs or injury. The unit can analyze the biochemical traces left behind by someone to determine whether they were injured or subjected to specific drugs.
  • If the subject is physically present, this sensor can detect the minute changes different emotions produce in his biochemistry.
  • An operative can detect the general emotional state of anyone within 5 meters, using the tricorder as a lie detector. This is best done in isolated areas; the more people nearby, the less accurate the emotional reading becomes.

When the detachable sensor is being used purely as a lie detector, it can vibrate or flash a concealed light to indicate if the subject is lying.
For more detailed information the user must access the main unit.

Size: Variable; the tricorder is often a box 9 × 6.5 cm x 2 cm, the detachable sensor is 3x 1.2cm x 1.2cm and can be built into a ring Mass: 0.2 kg

This device, commonly known as a “spycorder,” is a specialized tricorder designed for intelligence applications.

These tricorders are significantly reduced in size and can easily fit into a pocket.

They are often disguised as other objects: items of clothing, personal belongings, even official-looking PADDs.

The detachable sensor unit is often disguised as a ring or some similar small item.

Intelligence Tricorder

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