Keval th'Zarath

Andorian Captain of the USS Yeager


Race: Andorian
Career: Command
Age: 41
Rank: Captain

Resistance: 4
Courage: 3

Fitness 60
Vitality 70
Coordination 40
Intellect 40
Logic 30
Perception 30 (-40 on Hearning checks)
Presence 40
Psi 0 / (60) no formal training or control

Administration (Starship Administration) 80 (90)
(Starfleet) (80)
(Logistics) (90)
Athletics (Anbo-Jyutsu) 60 (70)
Command (Starship Command) 80 (90)
Computer (Programming) 20 (30)
Culture (Andorian) 40 (50)
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 20 (60)
Heavy Weapons (Phaser Artillery) 20 (40)
History (Andorian) 20 (30)
(Federation) (30)
Language (Andorian) 0 (Fluent)
(Federation Standard) (R/S/W)
Law (Starfleet Regulations) 80 (90)
Personal Equipment (Communicator) 20 (30)
Planetary Tactics (Small-Unit) 40 (50)
Planetside Survival (Arctic) 20 (30)
Primitive Weaponry (Chaka) 40 (70)
Sciences, Medical (Psychology) 20 (40)
Sciences, Space (Stellar Cartography) 20 (40)
Shipboard Systems (Tactical) 20 (40)
(Sensors) (20)
(Flight ops) (60)
(Transporters) (30)
Starship Tactics (Planetary Support Tactics) 20 (30)
(Cardassian Tactics) (30)
(Romulan) (30)
(Cardassian) (60)
Vehicle operation (Shuttlecraft) 40 (50)
World Knowledge (Vagra II) 20 (30)
(Gemaris V) (30)
Unarmed Combat (Anbo-Jyutsu) 60 (70)
(Federation Martial Arts) (70)

Excellent Hearing +2 (due to antennae) (-4o on hearning tests)
High Pain Threshold +2 (Ignore 20 points of Pain penalties)
Contact Starfleet +1
Rival (in Starfleet) -2 (Captain An la Greeft, USS Alessandro Volta, Tellarite)
Bold +1
Department Head +1 (Operations Light Cruiser)
Department Head +2 (Operations Medium Science Vessel)
Department Head +3 (Operations Galaxy Class, Starbase Commander)
Promotion (Lt Cmdr) +3
Promotion (Cmdr) +4
Promotion (Captain) +5
Vengeful -1
Contact Starfleet Intelligence (Admiral William Ross) +3
Contact (Starbase Commander) +2
Obligation (Starfleet intelligence) -1
Code of Honour (Federation Code of Honour) -4
Species Enemy (Cardassians) -4
Commendation +9 (Christopher Pike Medal of Valour x3)

Renown 61
Aggression: 15 Discipline: 25 Initiative: 1
Openess: 8 Skill: 12


Race (Andorian):
Sciences, Medical (Psychology) 1 (2)

Career (Command):
Planetary Tactics (Small-Unit) 2 (3)
Shipboard Systems (Tactical) 1 (2)
Athletics (Anbo-Jyutsu) 1 (2)
Computer (Programming) 1 (2)
Personal Equipment (Communicator) 1 (2)
Planetside Survival (Arctic) 1 (2)
Renown Open 1


Early Life (Starfleet Brat):

Academy Life (Advanced Tactical Training):
Starship Tactics (Cardassian Tactics) 1 (2)

Cadet Cruise ((Random Skill)):
Graduted from the Academy at the age of 23 years
Heavy Weapons (Phaser Artillery) 1 (2)

Primary Tour (Hostile Frontier Defense Mission): Federation Romulan Border
Length of Tour: 4 years

Secondary Tour (Deep Space Exploration Mission): Exploration of Vagra System
Length of Tour: 2 years
Renown Open 1
Code of Honour (Federation Code of Honour) -4

Secondary Tour (Hostile Frontier Defense Mission): Federation Cardassian War
Length of Tour: 3 years
Renown Disc 1
Commendation +9 (Christopher Pike Medal of Valour x3)
Species Enemy Cardassians -4 (Cardassians who remeber the Fed-Card war will consider him a war criminal and want him tried for the destruction of over 60 Cardassian ships during the war)
Brevet Promotion Commander, Brevet Promotion Captain upon the death of more senior officers Keval was selected to take up the Flag and act as Commander and Later Captain of the USS Breadbury, in fact he began a tactic still used by cunning Bradbury class captains to this day, that of “hiding” the atmospheric capable ship in the upper atmospheres of Gas Giants)

Secondary Tour (Deep Space Exploration Mission): Gemaris System and Sector 563
Length of Tour: 3 years
Renown Init 1
Latent Psionic (3) +6PSI (gained unknown on contact with Rivellian Race in Sector 563)
Sent on a Deep space exploration mission so as to avoid any problems with the Cardassians, Keval encountered a Strange Crystal formation while entering negotiaons with the Rivellian race, leaving him days later with almost no Hair on his body, assuming it was due to the radiation the ships doctor treated him with standard drugs. Ever since this he has only grown a short central tuft of hair which he keeps trimmed short. Upon his return to Andor he was Exiled from the Clans and replaced his devotion to his nation with a devotion to starfleet. undergoing Tattooing along his scalp to further emphasise that he was no longer part of Andorian culture)

Secondary Tour (Starfleet Command): Officer Training, Crossover From Ops into Command
Length of Tour: 2 years
Promotion Commander
Teaching Advanced Light Cruiser and Underdog tactics to Final year cadets.

Secondary Tour (Starbase Mission): Deep Space 3
Length of Tour: 3 years
Promotion Captain
Moved out to a “Desk job” where his “troublesome aggressive nature” would be beneficial he took command of Starbase DS3 on the Klingon-Tzenkethi-Federation border. And within the first month had acquired a pet Targ and the respect and admiration of the Station Crew

Secondary Tour (Starbase Mission): Deep Space 3
Length of Tour: 1 years
SI seeing the increase in tension along the Cardassian border and with the Klingon Federation hostilites increasing decided to move a “Combat experienced” Captain back to the Federation side of the DMZ. Captain USS Yeager (Brand new Top of the Line Saber Class)
(Strings pulled by Admiral Ross to put all Intelligence Crew together as a Strike Craft for the possible Hostilites in the Gamma Quadrant)

Keval th'Zarath

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