USS Yeager

Intercepts and communications

Cardassian Hails and Intercepts
[square brackets are an aid to attitude and pronunciation]
[Background] You are Gul Pettir A Veteran Cardassian Captain, The Nebula you are approaching has undergone a colour change and there are “time Travel” particles detected. You and your government suspect something from the future or the past has appeared and you want it for Cardassia, you have at your disposal Two Galor Class warships, 20 Heavy fighters and 10 Armed Shuttles all these ships are warp capable. You know there is one small Federation vessel in the nebula which you suspect and hope is a Science vessel. A single Galor Class and Fighters can “Take” anything up to a Galaxy class vessel, However your Long range sensors have detected A Galaxy class (TNG enterprise) and a Sovereign Class (First Contact Enterprise) at high warp for the Nebula. If you can bully/Convince the Lone federation ship into leaving you could Claim the System as a Cardassian outpost by Landing troops on one of the Planets/Asteroids/whatever is there. Thus making the federation back off. If it comes to a fight vs the little ship you’ll happily blow it out of space and make up some story about a “Warp malfunction” if either of the Bigger ships arrives you will launch a fighter screen and command the other Galor Class to “nobly cover my rapid retreat” while you flee back to Cardassian space.

[In a superior tone] This is Gul Pettir, [gol pet-Tir] of the Seventh Order Exploration Vessel Raknar .[Rakk-narr] Your presence in this Nebula is in direct contravention of Articles Eight, Eleven and Fourteen of the Cardassian-Federation Accord.
[Condescendingly] I politely request that you remove all federation personnel from this sub-sector and allow the rightful Cardassian Exploration vessels to examine the anomaly. Failure to do so will be considered an act of aggressive territorialism by the federation, and we will be forced to defend our borders through force of arms.
[Response from Ship] This is a peaceful science mission, In Neutral space. We will willingly share our information with you; any act of force will be met in kind.

[Domineering] I have launched my Fighters as a warning, you will leave this nebula immediately or I will protect Cardassian borders with force.
[Response from Ship] we have away teams currently on the central anomaly they have been recalled and are returning now. Please understand that this takes time. Once again we are a peaceful scientific mission; we intend no breach of the Federation-Cardassian Accords this Nebula is not listed as having any Cardassian outposts, nor colonies or even as a declared Exploration objective. Therefore the Federation was unaware of any breaches under Sections 8, 11 or 14 of the Articles of Cease fire. If you will provide us with corroborating information pertaining to any Outpost, Colony or Previously Agreed Exploration objective Captain Keval th’Zarath is willing to discuss peaceful resolution to this problem

[Evil glee]I am glad that it is you in command of this vessel Captain th’Zarath [th Zarr-ath], Your crimes against the Cardassian people have too long gone unanswered. Your presence here can mean nothing but an act of outright aggression against the Cardassian people.
[Response from Ship] My presence here only means that the Federation is willing to talk, I have not crossed any Cardassian borders this is Neutral space. Surely we can settle this without resorting to an exchange of fire.
[Klingon Birds of Prey De-cloak and Launch Torpedoes]

Intercepted communications:

[Commanding] Gul Hekat [gol Hee-cat] launch fighters and place marines into assault shuttles

[Commanding] Gul Hekat Scan the metallic anomaly, send a Wing of Fighters to scan the planets

a Trap, [Commanding]Charge Disruptors, fire a Torpedo spread at the Klingon’s last position.

[Commanding] Fighter wings Two and Three Destroy that runabout. Fighter wing one escort four shuttles of Marines to the Planet surface and remove the Federation stain. Fighter wings Four to Ten Engage the Klingon.

Hekat bring the Terath[Terr-ath (as in wrath)] and all wings to flank. Charge all Disruptors. [with evil and Hate]Blow them into Atoms


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