USS Yeager

Anomalies 2.5 Brown & Cartwright

Its a ten minute run for the two starfleet officers.
they arrive at the fissue only to find out its a ceynote image link
taking a risk they jump in relying on the quality construction of their enviroment suits to save them.

Cartwright begins to swim down into the water, and just as he mentions to brown that they should have thrusters Brown comes whizzing past him using the 0g manoeuvre jets.

its a long swim/thrust through the caverns, but there is one thing of note although the walls appear natural the diameter never becomes narrower than a couple of meters.
after about an hours travel they experience a disturbing change of the direction of gravity instead of swimming down they now feel as if they are swimming up even though the direction of their swim remains constant

Brown and Cartwright arrive at the surface to find themselves in another ceynote this time without any light source whatsoever. Image link
Its a 146m climb up the rough walls (apparently made of a ferrous rock as their magnetic plates begin to engage) when they reach the top they are standing on a vast flat plain polished smooth.

a spray around with a phaser on wide beam reveals no discernible features. but firing it straight up shows something above them. a Lightning flash of calculation later and Brown determines its about 30miles above them.

At this point despair settles in they have spent two hours journey to be left so near yet so far away, a few tricorder scans reveal no gravity effects or field effects, and no sign of power.

Cartwright throws a spanner up in the hope it will do something but nothing happens (except for the spanner falling back down)

at this point the Dr Contacts them psionically telling them she can move them closer to the object. she demonstrates buy lifting them a few cm in the air. she then launches the spanner up towards the object.

after a brief discussion Brown and Cartwright agree to be carried by the Doctor.
its a slow acceleration but at 7/8ths of th way there the doctor stops them so they can turn around. Kestra notices that there is some kind of force pulling them towards the object, once brown takes some readings he determines its a form of tractor beam.

they allow themselves to be guided down by the beam observing the generating apertures meld back into the object.
once they land and take a look around they notice phaser burn across the area they are in. A Robotic spider like object emerges a short distance away from them and heads toward them. Brown begins to run some scan but…

while the spider object is emerging cartwright begins to stomp on the object looking for a way in, after three stomps a hole with a flight of stairs appears leading down

The spider object begins to repair the phaser damage, Brown and Cartwright head into the object.

travelling down the stair brown scans it with the tricorder and notices that as he scan it the tricorder is being scanned and analysed. the circuitry around them begins to activate.

Brown places the tricorder onto the wall and it is grasped by protrusions which emerge from the wall.

Cartwright and Brown begin to interact with an AI like mind that seems to take care of the anomaly.

discovering the following

  • the object is from the IDA galaxy
  • it arrived here because of a accident (a Subspace Chronaton Rift)
  • the three planets are part of the artifical system
  • the natives above are Growth Media
  • the entire system is set up to facilitate intergalactic communication with the Common Cold Virus which the AIlike mind calls and Intergalactic traveller
  • the Class 4 landing probe was beamed away by the AIlike mind to study as it was a landing craft
  • the Chronaton shield was created by the AIlike mind to shield the surface from the Subspace chronaton rift.
  • it is aware of the ANNIC NOVA but not of its purpose
  • it is aware of the space vessels in the system but not conserned by them
  • it can create a craft for them to leave in
  • it can guide them to a warp tunnel leading away toward one of the other planets
  • it has a “Cure” for the common cold


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