USS Yeager

Anomalies 2

The Away team begin to explore their surroundings.
Air/Atmosphere : Terran Standard 0% pollutants a faint floral hint (discovered by Lars as he takes off his helmet)
Gravity: 1g Temperature: a balmy 28degrees C. Weather: a nice sunny day, no clouds in the beautiful blue sky.

Dr Elbrun reaches out with her mind looking for contacts and discovers a group of 13 people froliking in the surf and beach of a nearby (2miles) lake
Lt Brown patches his tricorder into the Probe and begins to scan the available data looking for power sources (none detected within 7,000 miles radius) he then examines the make-up of the planet revealing a 70mile thick crust around a hollow centre. looking for fissures or tunnels into the centre he finds that there are many but they zig-zag their way through.
Lars examines the Crystal computer around the warp tunnel, with assistance powering it from Cartwright (wheeeeeee)
Cmdr Zou’ay begins to look for options as to how to get off this anomaly and back to the Yeager in order to help.

Lars is convinced that the crystal computer is only performing a single task and is not capable of anything else.
Brown Scans the tunnel only to find that it registers as solid crystal. expanding the scan reveals thousands of similar crystal objects scattered about (every 5-10m just out of sight of each other)
Cartwright heads off to the lake area to observe the inhabitants.

the people frolicking at the lake edge are Humans all of good health and fit, completely naked, well groomed and with no sign of disease. One fact does strike him that they are all between the apparent age of 20 – 30 years old, there is no sign of Young or Old or Infirm in the group.
His mind casts back to a early 20th century book by Conan Cussler and the term Eloi springs to mind

Zou’ay when informed of this warns everyone that the Morlocks may come out to eat the old and the infirm.

A Command decision is made to split the group into three teams, one to watch the Warp tunnel in case they are followed by hostiles (morales and Watts are assigned this task) one team to travel into the hollow center (Cartwright and Brown, with Riley and Cooke to watch their backs) and the final team to examine the crystal Chair/Throne near the Eloi (Zou’ay, Elbrun, Lars and Ortega)


Earthbinder Earthbinder

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