USS Yeager


Overhearing the Cardassian side of the Intership conversation the Crew realise that the Cardassians are coming to the planet in greater force than they expected.

The doctor having found a small cave in which to place her medical supplies takes cover. Cartwright and the rapid response team continue constructing defences and ambush positions.
Lars examines the pipes finding layer after layer.

Brown goes down the doctors hole to discover what’s at the end of the cave. Finding a thick viscus organic fluid (after being knocked into it by Kestra running into him) it seems to block up the tunnel ahead. Some experimentation reveals that it is easily dried into a powder form but that while in the tunnel any excess energy above 62Degrees is absorbed by the tunnel walls lighting up. Zou’ay Decrypts and translates some coded Cardassian messages. the Zou’ay commands the crew to take cover in the Cave/tunnel and for Riley to park the shuttle in front of the entrance. the Crew make their way down the tunnel and into the goo, using phasers and a link of cable to move them along the goo.
Before taking Tail end charlie, Cartwright throws his and the Doctors shield grenades down the tunnel to seal it for up to ten minutes.
Applying a phaser to the walls of the tunnel makes the goo flow quite quickly carrying them along. this continues with Brown pulsing his phaser until suddenly he bursts out on a geyser of goo into a large room (about 1000m diameter) with 30+exits
the rest of the crew follow with Ortega taking injuries due to the medical box hitting him as he pops out of geyser.

Some minor exploration of the room (the floor now covered in goo) and some ready reckoning by Brown reveals that they are between 4-5Km away from their “dig” site toward one of the ruined cities. 2/3 of the hemispherical room is lit up, as are the tunnels leading off. Cartwright scans with his tricored all EM frequencies to see if there are any markings.

Brown Narrows down four tunnels which lead further toward the ruin 1-Branches off into lots of smaller tunnels, 2-Continues on the same level in a straight line beyond tricorder range, 3 Continues lever for 4,465Km then takes a sudden incline upwards, 4 as 3 but with an incline downwards.

Brown tires a few attempts to co-ordinate leaping and phaer firing but either miss times it or is at an angle and bumps the wall. Kestra and Lars convert the Medical supplies box lid into a sled. Zou’ay and the RR team keep and eye on the goop for any cardassians trying to follow them.

Cartwright times the leap perfectly and zooms off down the tunnel. He is about 1km from the incline when suddenly the tunnel colour turns from yellow-white to Purple-blue, and he accelerates at an amazing speed. to the extent that his communications with Brown take on a audible delay.

Cartwright comes to a stop on his travels and finds a section of the new tunnel to be “crumbly”
Elbrun and Lars dismantle the sled and rebuild the medical Box. Brown does some calculations and works out that Cartwright is about 4.5million km away, which should be beyond communicator range.

Cartwright cannot travel backwards so with the permission of the Commander he continues onward.
He emerges in an idyllic landscape of rolling green fields, babbling brooks and beautiful blue skies. a short distance away from where he emerges there is a crashed Class VII probe.
making the obvious assumption that he is now within the anomaly, the communicates back to the rest of the away team, now with a 29second delay (8.6mil km). noticing some crystal formations around the tunnel exit he scans them and sends the results back to the crew.

LArs makes a leap of understanding with the results and proclaims them to be a complex quantum state isolinear chip style computing device.

having no other way back and fearing of what other tunnels may contain Commander Zou’ay orders the away team to follow Cartwright through to the Anomaly planet.


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