USS Yeager

Missions 0 -3
These are the Voyages of the Starship Yeager

Mission 0:
The Crew are tested by Richard Lars in a holosuite to see how they work under pressure and what their reactions are to possible Dominion/Cardassian interference in a pre warp culture.
The culture is revealed to be a high post arp culture that has given up space travel. The Crew assault the Jem’Hadar remaining on-planet taking losses but ultimately winning out.

During this Holomission Zo’ays’ Symbiont reveals that there are memories that are not disclosed to her, one of which is a nighttime assault on a beachfront villa by her(Symbiont) and a group of other agents of the Durata’nadeem during which she uses a Harpoon gun to “snipe” a guard on the beach and real him into cover in the trees.

Cartwright also gets a rude shock when his Cybernetic arm acts of its own accord to defend him.

fortunately as theis was just a Holomission the crew were not dead just holographic representations of them, unfortunately as this was just a holomission no Dominion technology was returned. But CPO Cartwright did discover a talent with the strange blades used by the Jem’Hadar

Mission 1:
Collect Cargo from Youribund (mushrooms, with unreplicateable compound). While on planet a break in the sensor defeating clouds reveals a strange structure on the supposed uninhabited surface of the planet. Investigations reveal a fully functioning defence mechanism, which forces the crew to enter and examine the pyramids.
Apparently built by a pre-historic race of Crocodilian humanoids, Full of strange advanced technology and annoying alien creatures the crew disable the weapons system and leave, marking the site for a further federation research team to follow up. Noting as they leave that strange things are happening to the Atmosphere (Sensors can be used and the Charge seems to dissipate quicker)

Cartwright also gets a another rude shock when his Cybernetic arm acts of its own accord a second time to defend him, taking this onboard he reveals its Borg nature to Lt Brown and Dr Elbrun, hoping they can investigate its independent actions further

Mission 2:
While on route to Kinorb with their cargo Lt Brown receives a personal request from someone who knows him, she is under arrest for the murder of a Lupprian Business Magnate. The crew arrive and investigate, finding everyone (almost) at the party had some reason to kill him. They save the life of his Klingon head of security, uncover a disguised Trill assassin, Save everyone from a Cardiasian bomb, and find that his killer was not one of the guests at the party at all. The killer was his Wife’s ex-husband who helped design the orbital habitat, escaped from a wrongful arrest in a Cardassian prison.

Yet again memories of former lives come back to Zo’ay this time as a agent assassin extracting another agent from Romulan imprisonment and framing the murder and prisoner release on a Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent.

Mission 3:
Exploration of Subsector 43572-S (LRS show empty, just a simple dotting i’s crossing t’s)
Result of operation: Correct Subsector 43572-S is indeed totally empty.

Mission 4
Investigation of the Rowter Nebula

Investigation of Nebula Anomaly Sector 43549-M (emitting wavelength change, no prior reason why)
The Rowter Nebula 43549-M has undergone a wavelength shift ~18months ago from Red-Blue to Red-Green. Investigations reveal The nebula has lost its accretion disc, and in its place there are instead Five Mass objects RN-1 Central to Nebula 120,000mi Diameter (45,238,934,000 mi^2 surface area 230xThe total surface area of Earth) RN-2 → RN-4 Rocky Gaseous planets ~8,000mi Diameter (Class M,N & L)
RN-5 Metallic object ~6,000mi diameter Close inspection reveals a formidable array of sensory equipment
and repeated over and over on its surface the words ANNIC NOVA.

Class 7 Warp probe Passed within 2m of RN-1 surface and ceased transmitting
Class 4 planetary probe, landed Earth Standard Atmosphere,Gravity and Temp.

More probes launched and a total scan of the surface (via looking at the Circumference) is achieved. 6 Class VI probes in orbit around the anomaly.

Class M Planet- 13million inhabitants Bronze age Tech level
Class N Planet- 9million inhabitants Pre industrial Tech level
Class L Planet- 6 million inhabitants living a stone age lifestyle in the ruins of a Stellar civilisation

The ANNIC NOVA is investigated and found to be an advanced probe for the far future (ANNIC is its launch date) that may freely distribute information.

Two Galor Class Cardassian warships are picked up on long range sensors.The Cardassians Arrive in 15 hours! one Galor Class is out matched by the Yeager but two pose a serious challenge.
A hurried subspace call to Starfleet re-directs two more federation ships to this sector. The USS Draco (Galaxy Class, Cpt Andrei Baranovskaya) 18hours away, and The USS Sovereign (Sovereign Class, Cpt George Sanders) 20 Hours away.

Many plans are had and Lt Cartwright beams over to the Probe once more and asks some questions, getting minor brain lesions for his troubles.

plans are made for how to distract and disrupt the Cardassians, Cartwright even beams back to the Probe twice. When a Runabout is detected entering the system at high Warp (9.85)
while plans are being made the runabout is docked to the fore of the shuttlebay and the atmosphere field extended to allow crew to leave.

Four new members of Crew Join the Yeager, Ensigns all: Dennis Reilly (Pilot, ex-member of red squad), Yasimina Bariha (Engineer, Shield Expert-Metaphasics), Stephanie Reynolds (Engineer, Warp expert- Transwarp) and Tim Kebby (Betazoid, Security officer – Martial Arts, Psionic-Mind Control)

at T minus 8 hours the Cardassians detect the other ships coming into to Nebula and begin to make course corrections to return to Cardassian space, but some unknown information causes them to resume their course for the nebula.

The Yeager Launches the Runabout along with a probe on a slingshot to orbit around the Anomaly with Four “Bio-Bags” aboard based on Lt Cartwirghts design created by Drs Lars and Elbrun, in order to give of life signs. and a computer program designed to emulate interesting responses back to the ship.

The Away Team beam down to the L Class planet and begin to make preparations to begin a deception against the Cardassians. while setting up they encounter a group of the inhabitants They appear to have some form of natural cloaking technology or ability.
They appear to be 15-20 natives some of them are close enough together that ambiguous life signs are detected or it may be part of their cloaking ability.

Dr Elbrun using her Psionic skills deduces they they may have young with them and announces this as she attempts to mentally contact them
Dr Elbrun mentaly reads the minds of a few to find they think in very basic terms (the one she first targets thinks only “Food, Hunt, hunt them, Prey” the second one she targets is more coherent thinking “Food, who brings food, why if food in box, why do they carry food in arms, food is good eat food” after Telling Lt Cartwright that they are hunting for food Cartwright throws his sandwich toward the feet of where he believes one of them to be, Quick as a flash the sandwich is stabbed three-four-five times, and Cartwright Hits it with a Phaser blast at Heavy Stun making part of its arm visible and knocking it backward. then sprays the area with a wide beam on heavy stun showing the individual had not been knocked down and was rearing up with its weapon poised to throw. Showing it to be “a Strange mixed breed race” with elements of Cardassian, Romulan/Vulcan, Bajorian, Bolian, Klingon and Betazoid features.
Dr Elbrun mentaly speaks to the creature she was reading the mind of telling it “Go Away, no food here” the creatures back off a distance and observer the Away team for a short time while they Blast and Clear an area with phasers, then the natives leave.

The Away team continue to dig trenches and set up revealing strange pipes under the ground all over the place, Lt Cartwright takes his security team and begins to place them in ambush positions around the “Fake” dig site.

Cardassians arrive in T-7 hours.

Cartwright, Ortega, Morales, Cooke and Watts are in ambush positions and have a lay of the land within the Transporter Interdictors.
Zo’ay, Lars, Elbrun, Brown and Riley are making the dig site look real (lars is actually doing some real investigating of the pipes and their contents)

Intercepts and communications

Cardassian Hails and Intercepts
[square brackets are an aid to attitude and pronunciation]
[Background] You are Gul Pettir A Veteran Cardassian Captain, The Nebula you are approaching has undergone a colour change and there are “time Travel” particles detected. You and your government suspect something from the future or the past has appeared and you want it for Cardassia, you have at your disposal Two Galor Class warships, 20 Heavy fighters and 10 Armed Shuttles all these ships are warp capable. You know there is one small Federation vessel in the nebula which you suspect and hope is a Science vessel. A single Galor Class and Fighters can “Take” anything up to a Galaxy class vessel, However your Long range sensors have detected A Galaxy class (TNG enterprise) and a Sovereign Class (First Contact Enterprise) at high warp for the Nebula. If you can bully/Convince the Lone federation ship into leaving you could Claim the System as a Cardassian outpost by Landing troops on one of the Planets/Asteroids/whatever is there. Thus making the federation back off. If it comes to a fight vs the little ship you’ll happily blow it out of space and make up some story about a “Warp malfunction” if either of the Bigger ships arrives you will launch a fighter screen and command the other Galor Class to “nobly cover my rapid retreat” while you flee back to Cardassian space.

[In a superior tone] This is Gul Pettir, [gol pet-Tir] of the Seventh Order Exploration Vessel Raknar .[Rakk-narr] Your presence in this Nebula is in direct contravention of Articles Eight, Eleven and Fourteen of the Cardassian-Federation Accord.
[Condescendingly] I politely request that you remove all federation personnel from this sub-sector and allow the rightful Cardassian Exploration vessels to examine the anomaly. Failure to do so will be considered an act of aggressive territorialism by the federation, and we will be forced to defend our borders through force of arms.
[Response from Ship] This is a peaceful science mission, In Neutral space. We will willingly share our information with you; any act of force will be met in kind.

[Domineering] I have launched my Fighters as a warning, you will leave this nebula immediately or I will protect Cardassian borders with force.
[Response from Ship] we have away teams currently on the central anomaly they have been recalled and are returning now. Please understand that this takes time. Once again we are a peaceful scientific mission; we intend no breach of the Federation-Cardassian Accords this Nebula is not listed as having any Cardassian outposts, nor colonies or even as a declared Exploration objective. Therefore the Federation was unaware of any breaches under Sections 8, 11 or 14 of the Articles of Cease fire. If you will provide us with corroborating information pertaining to any Outpost, Colony or Previously Agreed Exploration objective Captain Keval th’Zarath is willing to discuss peaceful resolution to this problem

[Evil glee]I am glad that it is you in command of this vessel Captain th’Zarath [th Zarr-ath], Your crimes against the Cardassian people have too long gone unanswered. Your presence here can mean nothing but an act of outright aggression against the Cardassian people.
[Response from Ship] My presence here only means that the Federation is willing to talk, I have not crossed any Cardassian borders this is Neutral space. Surely we can settle this without resorting to an exchange of fire.
[Klingon Birds of Prey De-cloak and Launch Torpedoes]

Intercepted communications:

[Commanding] Gul Hekat [gol Hee-cat] launch fighters and place marines into assault shuttles

[Commanding] Gul Hekat Scan the metallic anomaly, send a Wing of Fighters to scan the planets

a Trap, [Commanding]Charge Disruptors, fire a Torpedo spread at the Klingon’s last position.

[Commanding] Fighter wings Two and Three Destroy that runabout. Fighter wing one escort four shuttles of Marines to the Planet surface and remove the Federation stain. Fighter wings Four to Ten Engage the Klingon.

Hekat bring the Terath[Terr-ath (as in wrath)] and all wings to flank. Charge all Disruptors. [with evil and Hate]Blow them into Atoms

Overhearing the Cardassian side of the Intership conversation the Crew realise that the Cardassians are coming to the planet in greater force than they expected.

The doctor having found a small cave in which to place her medical supplies takes cover. Cartwright and the rapid response team continue constructing defences and ambush positions.
Lars examines the pipes finding layer after layer.

Brown goes down the doctors hole to discover what’s at the end of the cave. Finding a thick viscus organic fluid (after being knocked into it by Kestra running into him) it seems to block up the tunnel ahead. Some experimentation reveals that it is easily dried into a powder form but that while in the tunnel any excess energy above 62Degrees is absorbed by the tunnel walls lighting up. Zou’ay Decrypts and translates some coded Cardassian messages. the Zou’ay commands the crew to take cover in the Cave/tunnel and for Riley to park the shuttle in front of the entrance. the Crew make their way down the tunnel and into the goo, using phasers and a link of cable to move them along the goo.
Before taking Tail end charlie, Cartwright throws his and the Doctors shield grenades down the tunnel to seal it for up to ten minutes.
Applying a phaser to the walls of the tunnel makes the goo flow quite quickly carrying them along. this continues with Brown pulsing his phaser until suddenly he bursts out on a geyser of goo into a large room (about 1000m diameter) with 30+exits
the rest of the crew follow with Ortega taking injuries due to the medical box hitting him as he pops out of geyser.

Some minor exploration of the room (the floor now covered in goo) and some ready reckoning by Brown reveals that they are between 4-5Km away from their “dig” site toward one of the ruined cities. 2/3 of the hemispherical room is lit up, as are the tunnels leading off. Cartwright scans with his tricored all EM frequencies to see if there are any markings.

Brown Narrows down four tunnels which lead further toward the ruin 1-Branches off into lots of smaller tunnels, 2-Continues on the same level in a straight line beyond tricorder range, 3 Continues lever for 4,465Km then takes a sudden incline upwards, 4 as 3 but with an incline downwards.

Brown tires a few attempts to co-ordinate leaping and phaer firing but either miss times it or is at an angle and bumps the wall. Kestra and Lars convert the Medical supplies box lid into a sled. Zou’ay and the RR team keep and eye on the goop for any cardassians trying to follow them.

Cartwright times the leap perfectly and zooms off down the tunnel. He is about 1km from the incline when suddenly the tunnel colour turns from yellow-white to Purple-blue, and he accelerates at an amazing speed. to the extent that his communications with Brown take on a audible delay.

Cartwright comes to a stop on his travels and finds a section of the new tunnel to be “crumbly”
Elbrun and Lars dismantle the sled and rebuild the medical Box. Brown does some calculations and works out that Cartwright is about 4.5million km away, which should be beyond communicator range.

Cartwright cannot travel backwards so with the permission of the Commander he continues onward.
He emerges in an idyllic landscape of rolling green fields, babbling brooks and beautiful blue skies. a short distance away from where he emerges there is a crashed Class VII probe.
making the obvious assumption that he is now within the anomaly, the communicates back to the rest of the away team, now with a 29second delay (8.6mil km). noticing some crystal formations around the tunnel exit he scans them and sends the results back to the crew.

LArs makes a leap of understanding with the results and proclaims them to be a complex quantum state isolinear chip style computing device.

having no other way back and fearing of what other tunnels may contain Commander Zou’ay orders the away team to follow Cartwright through to the Anomaly planet.

Anomalies 2

The Away team begin to explore their surroundings.
Air/Atmosphere : Terran Standard 0% pollutants a faint floral hint (discovered by Lars as he takes off his helmet)
Gravity: 1g Temperature: a balmy 28degrees C. Weather: a nice sunny day, no clouds in the beautiful blue sky.

Dr Elbrun reaches out with her mind looking for contacts and discovers a group of 13 people froliking in the surf and beach of a nearby (2miles) lake
Lt Brown patches his tricorder into the Probe and begins to scan the available data looking for power sources (none detected within 7,000 miles radius) he then examines the make-up of the planet revealing a 70mile thick crust around a hollow centre. looking for fissures or tunnels into the centre he finds that there are many but they zig-zag their way through.
Lars examines the Crystal computer around the warp tunnel, with assistance powering it from Cartwright (wheeeeeee)
Cmdr Zou’ay begins to look for options as to how to get off this anomaly and back to the Yeager in order to help.

Lars is convinced that the crystal computer is only performing a single task and is not capable of anything else.
Brown Scans the tunnel only to find that it registers as solid crystal. expanding the scan reveals thousands of similar crystal objects scattered about (every 5-10m just out of sight of each other)
Cartwright heads off to the lake area to observe the inhabitants.

the people frolicking at the lake edge are Humans all of good health and fit, completely naked, well groomed and with no sign of disease. One fact does strike him that they are all between the apparent age of 20 – 30 years old, there is no sign of Young or Old or Infirm in the group.
His mind casts back to a early 20th century book by Conan Cussler and the term Eloi springs to mind

Zou’ay when informed of this warns everyone that the Morlocks may come out to eat the old and the infirm.

A Command decision is made to split the group into three teams, one to watch the Warp tunnel in case they are followed by hostiles (morales and Watts are assigned this task) one team to travel into the hollow center (Cartwright and Brown, with Riley and Cooke to watch their backs) and the final team to examine the crystal Chair/Throne near the Eloi (Zou’ay, Elbrun, Lars and Ortega)

Anomalies 2.5 Brown & Cartwright

Its a ten minute run for the two starfleet officers.
they arrive at the fissue only to find out its a ceynote image link
taking a risk they jump in relying on the quality construction of their enviroment suits to save them.

Cartwright begins to swim down into the water, and just as he mentions to brown that they should have thrusters Brown comes whizzing past him using the 0g manoeuvre jets.

its a long swim/thrust through the caverns, but there is one thing of note although the walls appear natural the diameter never becomes narrower than a couple of meters.
after about an hours travel they experience a disturbing change of the direction of gravity instead of swimming down they now feel as if they are swimming up even though the direction of their swim remains constant

Brown and Cartwright arrive at the surface to find themselves in another ceynote this time without any light source whatsoever. Image link
Its a 146m climb up the rough walls (apparently made of a ferrous rock as their magnetic plates begin to engage) when they reach the top they are standing on a vast flat plain polished smooth.

a spray around with a phaser on wide beam reveals no discernible features. but firing it straight up shows something above them. a Lightning flash of calculation later and Brown determines its about 30miles above them.

At this point despair settles in they have spent two hours journey to be left so near yet so far away, a few tricorder scans reveal no gravity effects or field effects, and no sign of power.

Cartwright throws a spanner up in the hope it will do something but nothing happens (except for the spanner falling back down)

at this point the Dr Contacts them psionically telling them she can move them closer to the object. she demonstrates buy lifting them a few cm in the air. she then launches the spanner up towards the object.

after a brief discussion Brown and Cartwright agree to be carried by the Doctor.
its a slow acceleration but at 7/8ths of th way there the doctor stops them so they can turn around. Kestra notices that there is some kind of force pulling them towards the object, once brown takes some readings he determines its a form of tractor beam.

they allow themselves to be guided down by the beam observing the generating apertures meld back into the object.
once they land and take a look around they notice phaser burn across the area they are in. A Robotic spider like object emerges a short distance away from them and heads toward them. Brown begins to run some scan but…

while the spider object is emerging cartwright begins to stomp on the object looking for a way in, after three stomps a hole with a flight of stairs appears leading down

The spider object begins to repair the phaser damage, Brown and Cartwright head into the object.

travelling down the stair brown scans it with the tricorder and notices that as he scan it the tricorder is being scanned and analysed. the circuitry around them begins to activate.

Brown places the tricorder onto the wall and it is grasped by protrusions which emerge from the wall.

Cartwright and Brown begin to interact with an AI like mind that seems to take care of the anomaly.

discovering the following

  • the object is from the IDA galaxy
  • it arrived here because of a accident (a Subspace Chronaton Rift)
  • the three planets are part of the artifical system
  • the natives above are Growth Media
  • the entire system is set up to facilitate intergalactic communication with the Common Cold Virus which the AIlike mind calls and Intergalactic traveller
  • the Class 4 landing probe was beamed away by the AIlike mind to study as it was a landing craft
  • the Chronaton shield was created by the AIlike mind to shield the surface from the Subspace chronaton rift.
  • it is aware of the ANNIC NOVA but not of its purpose
  • it is aware of the space vessels in the system but not conserned by them
  • it can create a craft for them to leave in
  • it can guide them to a warp tunnel leading away toward one of the other planets
  • it has a “Cure” for the common cold

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