Steven Cartwright

Chief Security Officer on USS Yeager


Steven was born on Earth, but knows nothing of his first few years as he was kidnapped when he was 5 years old while on holiday with his parents. He was initially unaware of this fact and believed he was the son of a ship’s Captain, a privateer of the name Peter Cartwright.
He brought him up on his ship (The Lucky Lady) running contraband and people through Federation and Klingon systems. As a child his father always pushed him to develop his physical skills and abilities, high gravity training to develop his body and speed, combat training and developing street contacts and knowledge. He was told this was to rid him of a reliance on machines and the ability to fend for himself before he filled his head with machines and became soft, later his father promised him to teach him all he needed of ships systems and classical areas of education. Cartwright has, since learning of his true parents, thought he was being kept away from learning too much and possibly learning of his past before he was too deeply into the privateer life.

His “Fathers” plan to hide the truth failed when Steven was 12, while Peter was drunk one night he confessed that he was not his father and how while holidaying he had spied Steven and his family and decided he needed an heir and someone he could mould into the son he wanted. Therefore he had arranged a transporter accident, killing his patents and transporting Steven to his ship. Stunned and with nowhere to turn, he retreated into himself, on the one hand he loved the man as his own father, on the other he discovered he was a brutal murderer who had taken him away from his family. Knowing nothing else Steven stayed aboard the ship, doing his duty and learning, but he drifted away from everyone and took on a cold exterior.

3 Years after this event he still remained on board and had taken on a position within ships security. During a legitimate cargo run from Klingon space they were stopped by a Bird of Prey demanding to come aboard and check for contraband, as the crew had nothing to hide (on this trip) the Captain freely allowed them access to the ship, lowered shields and invited them to come aboard, these were the last orders Peter Cartwright gave, as soon as the shields were lowered several ships decloaked and armed pirates started beaming aboard, while the fighting was bloody, Cartwright realised early on that the ship was lost, the invader sheer weight of numbers would grind them down, so in a desperate act to avenge his father (he could see him as nothing else and his death had brought him great sadness) he set the ship s auto destruct to silent and escaped in a small shuttle craft. His last memory before being woken up in a Federation medical bay was watching the ship vaporise, taking two of the pirate ships with it.

The Federation ship, on checking his D.N.A. confirmed him as Simon Hammond, reported dead 10 years previously and offered him return passage to Earth to reunite with his grandparents, Steven decided to accept and wanted to see if he could fit back into a life he had been denied, but two months after returning he realised that Earth and his true family didn’t offer him the comfort he yearned or any fulfilment in his life. He had enjoyed his time on ship, but not the life. He decided he wanted to do something positive, but be amongst the stars and maybe the Federation could provide what he was after. After being turned down for academy entrance (he cursed his Fathers educational program) and signed on as a crewman specialising in security, where his physical prowess was a benefit and made him a quick learner of the more physical skills. He decided to enter with the name of his adopted father, as he feels he (although misguided) made him the person he is today and wishes his name to live on.

During his first tour he was deployed in a Rapid response team, mainly dealing in dealing with smugglers and pirates (his previous life made him a useful source of knowledge). He proved well suited to the demands on the unit and successfully took field command of several missions. Towards the end of the tour he was involved in uncovering a Cardassian plot to smuggle agents into Federation space. While on a, what was thought to be, a routine mission to intercept slavers, it was discovered that the operation was a front for Cardassia. He successful apprehended the head of the organisation.

As Steven was preparing for a second tour in the Rapid response squads he was approached while on leave at Star base 3, his work with the Cardassians had been noticed and he was brought in to Starfleet intelligence. His role (once appropriately trained) was to work looking for any insurgents. He then spend the next 3 years being deployed to various Star bases, Ships and undercover assignments looking for and discovering signs of insurgent activity, most significantly Romulans smuggling soldiers in to Federation space ahead of an attack on Galas 3.

For his third tour as he continued in his intelligence roll. It was during this tour he was stationed under the command of the current Captain of the Yeager and worked for him on several away team missions.

During his fourth tour Steven was working as a security crewman aboard the USS Ahwahnee when they were called to Wolf 359 to defend against the Borg. During the encounter Steven lead a team onto the cube to rescue crew members taken by the Borg. Steven successfully made it back to the ship with 20 crew members, but at the loss of his Right arm and leg (lost as a Borg recharge station exploded during his transport off the Cube. The USS Ahwahnee was lost but not total destroyed and Steven and the rest of the remaining crew were picked up in the following rescue mission.
Once rescued it was discovered that Steven suffered from a condition that prevented him having living tissue grafted onto his body, Starfleet attached a cybernetic leg and arm.

Once his new arm was attached he asked to be redeployed back into his old intelligence role (battle scars didn’t worry him, he’d lost people before) but to his dismay he was stationed to Star Base 3 to act as the stations security chief, he’s not been sure if this was to watch him or as preparation for something else. His tour on Star Base 3 has passed quietly, with no major incidents, apart from learning the art of paperwork and developing a close link with the bases commander. Towards the end of the tour he has been petitioning for an active deployment, itching to start being useful again.

Steven Cartwright

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