USS Yeager

Missions 0 -3

These are the Voyages of the Starship Yeager

Mission 0:
The Crew are tested by Richard Lars in a holosuite to see how they work under pressure and what their reactions are to possible Dominion/Cardassian interference in a pre warp culture.
The culture is revealed to be a high post arp culture that has given up space travel. The Crew assault the Jem’Hadar remaining on-planet taking losses but ultimately winning out.

During this Holomission Zo’ays’ Symbiont reveals that there are memories that are not disclosed to her, one of which is a nighttime assault on a beachfront villa by her(Symbiont) and a group of other agents of the Durata’nadeem during which she uses a Harpoon gun to “snipe” a guard on the beach and real him into cover in the trees.

Cartwright also gets a rude shock when his Cybernetic arm acts of its own accord to defend him.

fortunately as theis was just a Holomission the crew were not dead just holographic representations of them, unfortunately as this was just a holomission no Dominion technology was returned. But CPO Cartwright did discover a talent with the strange blades used by the Jem’Hadar

Mission 1:
Collect Cargo from Youribund (mushrooms, with unreplicateable compound). While on planet a break in the sensor defeating clouds reveals a strange structure on the supposed uninhabited surface of the planet. Investigations reveal a fully functioning defence mechanism, which forces the crew to enter and examine the pyramids.
Apparently built by a pre-historic race of Crocodilian humanoids, Full of strange advanced technology and annoying alien creatures the crew disable the weapons system and leave, marking the site for a further federation research team to follow up. Noting as they leave that strange things are happening to the Atmosphere (Sensors can be used and the Charge seems to dissipate quicker)

Cartwright also gets a another rude shock when his Cybernetic arm acts of its own accord a second time to defend him, taking this onboard he reveals its Borg nature to Lt Brown and Dr Elbrun, hoping they can investigate its independent actions further

Mission 2:
While on route to Kinorb with their cargo Lt Brown receives a personal request from someone who knows him, she is under arrest for the murder of a Lupprian Business Magnate. The crew arrive and investigate, finding everyone (almost) at the party had some reason to kill him. They save the life of his Klingon head of security, uncover a disguised Trill assassin, Save everyone from a Cardiasian bomb, and find that his killer was not one of the guests at the party at all. The killer was his Wife’s ex-husband who helped design the orbital habitat, escaped from a wrongful arrest in a Cardassian prison.

Yet again memories of former lives come back to Zo’ay this time as a agent assassin extracting another agent from Romulan imprisonment and framing the murder and prisoner release on a Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent.

Mission 3:
Exploration of Subsector 43572-S (LRS show empty, just a simple dotting i’s crossing t’s)
Result of operation: Correct Subsector 43572-S is indeed totally empty.


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