USS Yeager

Mission 4

Investigation of the Rowter Nebula

Investigation of Nebula Anomaly Sector 43549-M (emitting wavelength change, no prior reason why)
The Rowter Nebula 43549-M has undergone a wavelength shift ~18months ago from Red-Blue to Red-Green. Investigations reveal The nebula has lost its accretion disc, and in its place there are instead Five Mass objects RN-1 Central to Nebula 120,000mi Diameter (45,238,934,000 mi^2 surface area 230xThe total surface area of Earth) RN-2 → RN-4 Rocky Gaseous planets ~8,000mi Diameter (Class M,N & L)
RN-5 Metallic object ~6,000mi diameter Close inspection reveals a formidable array of sensory equipment
and repeated over and over on its surface the words ANNIC NOVA.

Class 7 Warp probe Passed within 2m of RN-1 surface and ceased transmitting
Class 4 planetary probe, landed Earth Standard Atmosphere,Gravity and Temp.

More probes launched and a total scan of the surface (via looking at the Circumference) is achieved. 6 Class VI probes in orbit around the anomaly.

Class M Planet- 13million inhabitants Bronze age Tech level
Class N Planet- 9million inhabitants Pre industrial Tech level
Class L Planet- 6 million inhabitants living a stone age lifestyle in the ruins of a Stellar civilisation

The ANNIC NOVA is investigated and found to be an advanced probe for the far future (ANNIC is its launch date) that may freely distribute information.

Two Galor Class Cardassian warships are picked up on long range sensors.The Cardassians Arrive in 15 hours! one Galor Class is out matched by the Yeager but two pose a serious challenge.
A hurried subspace call to Starfleet re-directs two more federation ships to this sector. The USS Draco (Galaxy Class, Cpt Andrei Baranovskaya) 18hours away, and The USS Sovereign (Sovereign Class, Cpt George Sanders) 20 Hours away.

Many plans are had and Lt Cartwright beams over to the Probe once more and asks some questions, getting minor brain lesions for his troubles.

plans are made for how to distract and disrupt the Cardassians, Cartwright even beams back to the Probe twice. When a Runabout is detected entering the system at high Warp (9.85)
while plans are being made the runabout is docked to the fore of the shuttlebay and the atmosphere field extended to allow crew to leave.

Four new members of Crew Join the Yeager, Ensigns all: Dennis Reilly (Pilot, ex-member of red squad), Yasimina Bariha (Engineer, Shield Expert-Metaphasics), Stephanie Reynolds (Engineer, Warp expert- Transwarp) and Tim Kebby (Betazoid, Security officer – Martial Arts, Psionic-Mind Control)

at T minus 8 hours the Cardassians detect the other ships coming into to Nebula and begin to make course corrections to return to Cardassian space, but some unknown information causes them to resume their course for the nebula.

The Yeager Launches the Runabout along with a probe on a slingshot to orbit around the Anomaly with Four “Bio-Bags” aboard based on Lt Cartwirghts design created by Drs Lars and Elbrun, in order to give of life signs. and a computer program designed to emulate interesting responses back to the ship.

The Away Team beam down to the L Class planet and begin to make preparations to begin a deception against the Cardassians. while setting up they encounter a group of the inhabitants They appear to have some form of natural cloaking technology or ability.
They appear to be 15-20 natives some of them are close enough together that ambiguous life signs are detected or it may be part of their cloaking ability.

Dr Elbrun using her Psionic skills deduces they they may have young with them and announces this as she attempts to mentally contact them
Dr Elbrun mentaly reads the minds of a few to find they think in very basic terms (the one she first targets thinks only “Food, Hunt, hunt them, Prey” the second one she targets is more coherent thinking “Food, who brings food, why if food in box, why do they carry food in arms, food is good eat food” after Telling Lt Cartwright that they are hunting for food Cartwright throws his sandwich toward the feet of where he believes one of them to be, Quick as a flash the sandwich is stabbed three-four-five times, and Cartwright Hits it with a Phaser blast at Heavy Stun making part of its arm visible and knocking it backward. then sprays the area with a wide beam on heavy stun showing the individual had not been knocked down and was rearing up with its weapon poised to throw. Showing it to be “a Strange mixed breed race” with elements of Cardassian, Romulan/Vulcan, Bajorian, Bolian, Klingon and Betazoid features.
Dr Elbrun mentaly speaks to the creature she was reading the mind of telling it “Go Away, no food here” the creatures back off a distance and observer the Away team for a short time while they Blast and Clear an area with phasers, then the natives leave.

The Away team continue to dig trenches and set up revealing strange pipes under the ground all over the place, Lt Cartwright takes his security team and begins to place them in ambush positions around the “Fake” dig site.

Cardassians arrive in T-7 hours.

Cartwright, Ortega, Morales, Cooke and Watts are in ambush positions and have a lay of the land within the Transporter Interdictors.
Zo’ay, Lars, Elbrun, Brown and Riley are making the dig site look real (lars is actually doing some real investigating of the pipes and their contents)



Mission 4
Earthbinder Earthbinder

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